I needed to get a second opinion on what I was saying in an interview and if it sounded professional after receiving some negative feedback regarding an interview I had attended.  The Change Consortium were able to confirm this for me and provide me with one to one support and advice which helped to support my confidence building, refresh me into a more positive mind set and influencing aspects to increase my confidence for example making me aware that I was already good enough to do the job because I was selected for an interview.  

The help I was offered was very helpful with one-to-one time to go through job descriptions and advise what me what to say as if I was answering the questions and meeting the needs of the job description.

The first job interview I attended went really well and I was called back for second interview although I did not get the role in the end.  The second job interview I attended I was successful. On both occasions, The Change Consortium had taken the time to spend with me and provide me with the support and advice I needed.

What message would you give to anyone thinking about accessing the support from The Change Consortium?

It is well worth the time.  The individual attending these meeting must understand they need help to improve.


I contacted the change consortium because I was out of work and had been looking for a job for a while with very little luck. I attended one of TCC’s (The Change Consortium’s) Support Session’s and found it very useful to help with my job searching. From then I attended one to one sessions to help with my confidence in finding a job.


What kind of support did you need?


I needed support with my confidence with my interview skills, preparing for my interview, cv tips, advice on what job sites to look on for the job roles which I was applying for. 


They were a brilliant help to my job search, very enthusiastic and always willing to help. Without that support, I feel that I still may be looking for a job now but thankfully from all the support I have received I am now working again. Interview tips and positive reinforcement really helped me to move forward into a positive mind set and brighter future.


I am now working in an admin and clerical role in a hospital and I feel more confident in myself to do my best in future job interviews. I am very thankful to TCC as I was with the job centre and they didn’t support me nowhere near as much as TCC did.


What message would you give to anyone thinking about accessing the support from The Change Consortium?


I believe this service is fantastic for people who are feeling down in between jobs or people who lack confidence in finding work. The support is excellent, they took the time to get to know me and my position, and genuinely cared about my circumstances and really supported me throughout the process of finding a job which at times can be very frustrating and upsetting.


After signing on for the first time in nearly 34 years my Job Centre coach reviewed my CV and stated that the best place for me to go and get quality support would be with TCC (The Change Consortium)


I got all kinds of support from interview preparation including type of questions, competency based questions and review of my answers and pitching myself at the correct level for the role I was applying for and a de-brief after interviews and taking out what went well and areas for opportunity.


TCC provided expert advice and guidance on the subjects above and provided positive moral boosting insights (Which are very important when dealing with rejection for the first time).


And success, I picked up a role working as a Customer Service Advisor for a Top 20 listed company on the FTSE.


What message would you give to anyone thinking about accessing the support from The Change Consortium?


I would recommend TCC to anybody who wants to further develop their own skills. TCC provide the right level of support with very very experienced staff who do everything they can to get you back into work. On a personal note, I could not have wished to be treated better and I would like to say thank you (TCC)  for the support.


I was out of work and was recommended to The Change Consortium by the job centre. My CV was out of date and also, I thought The Change Consortium could help as the knock backs I was receiving were getting me down.

I needed help to find what help was out there financially, to change my career, self- employment, training, further education – options!! I needed to get noticed.

The Change Consortium helped me to update my cv to get me noticed, listened and talked to me about my options and were still there to help and listen when two job offers were on table.

They also talked to me about volunteering – giving me experience in a different field.

They helped me to realise who I was, what type of person I am and what my strengths are allowing me to grow in personal confidence which was lacking previously.

And the outcome – A Full time job offer, improved self-confidence and I’ve met new friends!!

What message would you give to anyone thinking about accessing the support from The Change Consortium?

100% go for it – if The Change Consortium can’t help you with everything they may help you with something to start with that grows in helping you

“little steps first”

There is no pressure from The Change Consortium. I feel they are AMAZING


After completing my BA (Hons) degree I was unemployed and claiming Universal credit actively seeking employment. I was unfortunately not gaining any interviews or any replies when I was applying for jobs. I contacted the The Change Consortium because I was applying for jobs and was not getting anywhere. I put my CV on many job advertising websites and unfortunately, I wasn't getting any replies. When I went to the job centre I asked for some support in working on my CV.

The Changes Consortium provided support in helping me to update my CV, I was able to send my CV in and was given honest feedback in return. At one-to-one meetings and places of my choice arranged at convenient times and days that suited me. Support was also given on the phone, through email and through texts messages which I was very appreciative of as sometimes I needed a little reassurance especially when I started to gain interviews.

I have now gained full time employment working with families who are fleeing Domestic Abuse and Violence and really enjoy the work.

What message would you give to anyone thinking about accessing the support from The Change Consortium?

Take every opportunity that the Changes Consortium is offering, you never know you may be in employment sooner than you think.

Thank you so much for all of your advice and support I will always been very grateful, I will always recommend The Change Consortium to everyone who was in my position.


After being made redundant from a senior manager position I struggled to overcome the hurdle of the jobs market and was unfamiliar with the current procedures and practices after working for a local authority for over 30 years.


At TCC I was offered a range of advice, from interview techniques to writing my CV and applying for jobs. My coach was very personable and was able to provide one to one assistance with specific situations that I was facing and gave not only advice but a level of support that was by far greater than I had received via the DWP and other agencies.

Ultimately, I set up my own company and did some contracting work which eventually led to a substantive contract at a health authority.


What message would you give to anyone thinking about accessing the support from The Change Consortium?


The challenges faced by anyone who find themselves out of work, and who has been in work for a considerable period of time are often harder to face than anyone else realises. The process of applying for jobs and the selection process itself have changed dramatically over recent years. TCC can offer invaluable help and assistance in identifying where changes need to be made to your approach and can help you adapt as and where required to the current job market.


I was unemployed in December 2106 due to a new job opportunity falling through last minute.  My work coach contacted The Change Consortium (TCC) and made me an appointment, recommended that they will be helpful supporting me to update my CV, application form and interview strategies, and anything else I required to get me back to work. I required support with how to improve my CV and interview answers and questions, and support with what benefits I could receive to help me whilst looking for work. I wanted to change careers so TCC was able to guide me through this process.


TCC were supportive, caring, kind and very understanding of my needs. Listening to what I required and keeping me positive about the situation I was in.  I managed to obtain part-time work but permanent, which is a start to support me getting back on track.


What message would you give to anyone thinking about accessing the support from The Change Consortium?


TCC is there to help you even if it’s only to listen to you about how your feeling and they will always be positive and understanding, contract them for any support you want to get back on your feet.


After my role at a global IT company was made redundant in August 2016, I decided to take a short career break before looking for a new permanent position. Unfortunately, getting back into full time work wasn’t as simple as I thought it would be. In May 2017, via the Job Centre, I was referred to the Change Consortium in West Bromwich for professional career advice. I needed support with CV advice, Job searching tips and application & Interview techniques


Although I had a CV, advice was given on how this could be updated to current standards and how it should be tailored for each company that were advertising vacancies. I was also given the support and confidence to search and apply for relevant vacancies. Interview tips and techniques was also invaluable.


In October 2017 I was offered a job at a leading pensions & benefits company in Birmingham. I wouldn’t have been able to secure this position without the advice and support of the change consortium.


What message would you give to anyone thinking about accessing the support from The Change Consortium?


I wholeheartedly recommend this programme to anyone who is struggling to get back into the workplace.